Complex Model Description Attached Files
Oil Drilling Policy in Alaska Multilevel BOCR model to decide whether US Government should allow drilling for oil in ANWR region of Alaska.  This is a validation model.  The model results closely match poll results of Alaskan residents. presentations.ppt

final paper ANWR.doc

Best Policy for Steel Tariffs Multilevel BOCR model with ratings to evaluate importance of the BOCR. Topic was whether or not to impose tariffs on steel imports. DM_SteelTariff.doc


Ford's Best Policy for Explorer/Firestone Tire Rollover Disaster Multilevel BCR model to determine best policy for Ford to follow in the Ford Explorer/Firestone Tire rollover issue.  Validation model as the results, done well before Ford's actual decision predict what Ford did. FordExplorerSlideShow.ppt



FordExplorerRatings.ahp (Expert Choice software model to rate BCR priorities)



Porsche SUV Decision - Should Porsche Produce an SUV Model or Not? Multilevel BOCR model about whether Porsche should lower itself to producing a Sport Utility Vehicle.  The model was done 18 months before the decision was made.  Porsche since then has started making an SUV model. PorscheReadMe.txt


PorscheSUVBOCR.ahp (Expert Choice software model used to rate BOCR priorities)